E-mail: jlopez81@miners.utep.edu

Janneth Lopez
VP of Fundraising

The Vice President of Fundraising collects all membership dues, creates fundraising events,  and is responsible for the AMA bank account. The VP of Fundraising is also responsible for making all necessary expenditures when authorized by the President and Faculty Advisor, keeping all financial records in order. All fundraising opportunities are created and executed by this position; sets the financial objectives for the year.

Janneth is a senior student pursuing a Bachelors degree in Marketing with double major in finance at The University of Texas at El Paso. She love sports and would like to pursue a carreer on sports marketing, in order to accomplish her goal she is doing an internship with the Athletics Department at UTEP. Working there she acquired most of her expertise in running professional games, she would like to work for a NFL Team. She also have an entrepreneurial mindset and would love to have her own marketing agency in the future and help small businesses grow by helping them with their finances, raise brand awareness and consistency, and run successful advertising campaigns.



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