Professional Development

Increase the professional image of each member through various events, workshops and network opportunities; providing members with the tools and resources necessary to gain an overall competitive advantage over other students in their respective field.

Community Service

Positively impact our community while educating our members on the value of proactive socially responsible behaviors; they will learn the importance of supporting our community by engaging in activities that will also strengthen their professional skills and marketing knowledge.



Raise funds from different fundraising events and services to support the organization and its members in various ways; this includes the annual collegiate conference, member's shirts, social gatherings for members, and other tools or resources that can be used throughout the year.

Take full advantage of opportunities such as networking, workshops, trainings, info sessions, and competitions. We are currently focused on training and preparing for the 2017 AMAICC to exemplify traits like leadership, networking, and technical skills any Top Chapter should have.